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Rice Lake Retail Scale


RS-130 retail scale is a popular item for weighing fruits or vegetables with price computing and NTEP approval. It includes an in-use cover for protection against spills. The unique capability of the RS-130 is its ability to calculate change and it is legal for trade in pounds, kilograms and ounces. Eight price look-ups store most popular items for speedy checkout.

Standard Features:

  • Rechargeable battery or 115 VAC operation
  • Toggle between lb/kg/oz
  • Eight PLU keys for direct price lookups
  • Cash back calculation
  • Easy-to-read display on back allows viewing by customer
  • Large stainless steel platter
  • Easy-to-read customer display
  • In-use cover
  • 89 PLUs for indirect price lookups
  • Battery charge indicator
  • 1-Year limited warranty
Rice Lake Weighing Systems Retail Scale s
Model Capacity x Resolution Platform Size
RS-130 30 lb x 0.01 lb 12" x 9.5"
RS-160 60 lb x 0.02 lb 12" x 9.5"
Cas Price Computing


Price computing on a legal for trade scale is essential in a meat market or deli and we recommend the Cas S-2000 for applications that do not require printing. The upside with this scale is a bright VFD display, dual range capability and its high number of memory locations (999). It is an AC power only scale and cannot be connected to a printer.

Standard Features:

  • 0-30 x 0.01lb/30-60 x 0.02 lb
  • 999 PLU's
  • Display Digits - 6/5/6 (Weight/Unit/Total)
  • VFD Display
  • Stainless Steel Platter
  • 1/2 lb and 1/4 lb keys
  • Platter Size: 14.6" (W) x 10.9" (D)
  • Dimensions 15.3"(W) x 14.3"(D) x 6.4"(H)
S-2000 - The Original Price Computing Scale
Model 30 Pounds and Below Over 30 Pounds Pan Size Display Memory
S2000 30 x 0.01 lb
60 x 0.02 lb 14.6" x 10.9" VFD 999 PLUs
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