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Washdown Scales

Washdown Scale

Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme

Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme model V31XW6 not only features IP65/NEMA 4 rated washdown protection, but it is now legal for trade.  The dependable stainless steel compact bench scale can now be used for even more weighing applications than ever before.  Its NTEP approval means businesses such as restaurants can legally use the Valor 3000 V31XW6 to sell food or other items by weight.

Standard Features:

  • Valor 3000 Xtreme models V31XW3 & V31XW6 are NTEP approved.
  • Full stainless steel housing with added chemical resistance and removable stainless steel weighing pan are durable and easy to clean.
  • Technically advanced overload protection rated at 10x capacity is ideal for tough environments where capacity is frequently exceeded.
  • Valor 3000 Series offers resolutions up to 20,000d and 0.01g, providing precise measurements in demanding environments.  User adjustable filtering and stability settings allow compact scale to operate accurately in drafty and unstable conditions.
  • Ohaus SmarText™ user interface utilizes bright backlit LCD and simple text prompts to guide users through application use and scale setup.
Ohaus Valor 3000 Xtreme Washdown Food Service Scales - NTEP ACCURACY CLASS III
Model Certified Pounds Certified Ounces Certified Kilograms Certified Grams Your Price
V31XW3 6.6 x 0.005 lb 105.80 x 0.05 oz 3 x 0.001 kg 3,000 x 1 g $470.90
V31XW6 13.2 x 0.005 lb 211.6 x 0.1 oz 6 x 0.002 kg 6,000 x 2 g $470.90
Versa-portion Compact Scale

Rice Lake Versa-portion Series

Durable and compact Versa-portion Series provides IP68 rated washdown for best protection against water and dust. Bright LED display us easy to read the weight in pounds, grams or ounces. It includes and AC adapter for operation, however the rechargeable battery is available as an option for more flexibility. Due to the stainless steel construction, the Versa-portion is perfect for weighing fish, poultry and meat since you can efficiently clean the digital scale after use.

Standard Features:

  • Compact and easy to use
  • IP68 water and dust resistant
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Removable weigh pan for quick and easy cleaning
  • LED Display
  • AC adapter included
  • HACCP compliant
  • 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty
Rice Lake Versa-portion Restaurant Scales - NTEP ACCURACY CLASS III
Model Certified Pounds Certified Ounces Certified Grams Your Price
RLP-6S 6 x 0.002 lb 60 x 0.02 oz 3,000 x 1 g $339.95
RLP-15S 15 x 0.005 lb 150 x 0.05 oz 6,000 x 2 g $339.95
RLP-30S 30 x 0.01 lb 300 x 0.1 oz 15,000 x 5 g $339.95
RLP-60S 60 x 0.02 lb 600 x 0.2 oz 30,000 x 10 g $339.95
Washdown Bench Scale

Ohaus Defender 5000XW Xtreme Series

Ohaus Defender 5000 Series is a feature-rich line of bench scales, combining stainless steel D51XW indicator with a square, all-stainless steel washdown base and a stainless steel column.  Ideal for production, packaging and general commercial and industrial weighing applications where full washdown protection is required, the Defender 5000 offers a multifunctional indicator with multiple weighing units and software modes to meet the requirements of industrial and lab applications.  With rugged steel construction, comprehensive yet intuitive software and multiple connectivity options, the Defender 5000 can meet the needs of demanding industrial operations.

Standard Features:

  • All stainless-steel construction with IP66/NEMA4X protection for indicator, with loadcells protected to IP67
  • 10,000-12,500d default resolution
  • NTEP 1:5,000 certified resolution
  • Quick display of results using large LCD with high-contrast white backlight
  • Temporary display of 10x readability in weighing mode with quick key press
  • Easy to operate with 4-key membrane keypad with raised tactile keys
  • Weighs in one or more units: kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz (decimal), metric tonnes and user-definable custom unit
  • Multiple weighing modes including Counting, PercentWeighing, Dynamic/AnimalWeighing,
    Checkweighing, and Display Hold.
  • Internal universal switching power supply with hardwired line cord – optional NiMH internal
    rechargeable power pack available
  • Includes RS232 interface with GMP/GLP data output including date and time
  • Optional interfaces include DC relay control kit, AC relay control kit, 2nd
    RS232 and RS422/485
Defender 5000XW Xtreme - NTEP ACCURACY CLASS III
Model Certified LB Certified OZ Certified KG Platform Size Regular Price
D51XW10WR3 25 x 0.005 lb
400 x 0.1 oz 10 x 0.002 kg 12" x 12" $1,369.60
D51XW25WR3 50 x 0.01 lb
800 x 0.2 oz 25 x 0.005 kg 12" x 12" $1,369.60
D51XW50WL4 100 x 0.02 lb
1,600 x 0.5 oz 50 x 0.01 kg 18" x 18" $2,132.00
D51XW100WL4 250 x 0.05 lb
4,000 x 1 oz 100 x 0.02 kg 18" x 18" $2,132.00
D51XW250WX4 500 x 0.1 lb
8,000 x 2 oz 250 x 0.05 kg 24" x 24" $2,452.00
Washdown Bench Scale

Ohaus CKW Series

CKW Series were engineered for static checkweighing operations and other bench weighing applications—from general purpose to washdown. With its easy-to-clean design built for food safety conformance and rigid stainless steel construction, the CKW Series scales are ideally suited for use in industrial environments. Its configurability and construction were designed for simplicity and dependability, resulting in increased productivity, security and lower cost of ownership.

Standard Features:

  • Unrivaled speed of set-up and configuration for production line efficiency
  • Smart, open architecture design ensures easy, sanitary cleaning and minimizes contamination
  • NSF/USDA compliance for sanitary environments
  • Precision Resolution: 1:6000-7500 maximum, NTEP 1:3000
  • All Stainless Steel Construction: Removable stainless steel platform with extended skirt and “open architecture” frame, stainless steel IP66 indicator and IP67 load cell
Ohaus Corporation - CKW Checkweigher Series - NTEP ACCURACY CLASS III
Model Certified Pounds Certified Ounces Certified Kilograms Platform Size Your Price
CKW3R55 6 x 0.002 lb 96 x 0.05 oz 3 kg x 1 g 10" x 10" $1,119.20
CKW6R55 15 x 0.005 lb 240 x 0.1 oz 6 kg x 2 g 10" x 10" $1,119.20
CKW15L55 30 x 0.01 lb 480 x 0.2 oz 15 kg x 5 g 12" x 12" $1,199.20
CKW30L55 60 x 0.02 lb 960 x 0.5 oz 30 kg x 10 g 12" x 12" $1,199.20
Rice Lake Checkweigher

Rice Lake CW90X Series

High pressure washdown protection makes the CW90X truly useful in the fish industry. Stainless steel construction with piezo keypad keep the checkweigher protected against scratches that would endanger the washdown capaability. Lights indicate high and low values when check weighing.

Standard Features:

  • Piezo keypad consisting of ZERO, UNITS, PRINT, TARE, OVER, UNDER, ID, TARGET, ENTER, MENU, POWER
  • 304 stainless steel, IP69K rated
  • Prevent breather vent
  • Storage for up to 50 IDs
  • Unit of measure: kg, gm, lb, oz, lb/oz
  • High-Intensity LED display
  • Battery-backed time and date
  • Two full duplex serial ports
  • Configurable print formats
  • Audit trail tracking
  • Four configurable Digital I/O
  • Reflash memory to upgrade firmware
  • NTEP Certified: Indicator (COC# 08-092), Scale Base (COC# 95-072)
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
Rice Lake Weighing Systems CW90X Series Washdown Checkweighers
Model Capacity x Resolution Platform Your Price
CW90X-5LB 5 lb x 0.001 lb 10" x 10" $1,295.00
CW90X-10LB 10 lb x 0.002 lb 10" x 10" $1,295.00
CW90X-25LB 25 lb x 0.005 lb 12" x 12" $1,395.00
CW90X-50LB 50 lb x 0.01 lb 12" x 12" $1,395.00
CW90X-100LB 100 lb x 0.02 lb 12" x 12" $1,395.00
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